Jake Bugg

We had the chance to sit down with Jake Bugg before his fantastic gig in Munich last week. Read on to find out more about his new album, his favourite movie soundtrack and some music recommendations.

So the new album is out now – do you have a favourite track on it?
I’d say “The Love We’re Hoping For” – that’s probably my favourite track, because it’s the darkest one.

Could you pick one song of the album and tell us a bit about the story behind it?
I think what one song means for me may mean something different for somebody else. I think a lot of people have their own different interpretations of what each word can mean sometimes. The songs on my first album are kind of more straightforward and more self-descriptive. But a song like “The Love We’re Hoping For”… when I was writing it, I was thinking of somebody who was very reclusive… I met a few people like that.

I know you don’t listen to what critics say, but is there someone you actually ask for opinions on your music or is it enough for you if you think it’s great?
Yeah, I have people I play it to, usually my friends and managers, they tell me what they think. I think it’s good to do that, it gives you a different perspective and different ideas.

You produced the new album pretty much yourself, didn’t you? Did you enjoy producing?
I think maybe eight or nine songs. It was cool. I was just kind of producing as I was recording the songs. So as I was writing I was just messing around with sounds and in the end they were the recordings that most people that I played the music to prefered. It was a happy accident.

You do a lot of interviews and I feel like people keep asking you the same questions. Is there any question you’d really like to answer that no one has ever asked?
Not really, it’s not my job to come up with the questions. (laughs)

You played with a lot of different and great musicians. Is there still anyone you’d like to work with?
I don’t know. I don’t really think about it too much. If somebody approached me – even if I’d never heard of them – and they had a good idea, I’d be more than up for trying something.

Photo by Tanja Wilbury, © indie.vidualist

Photo by Tanja Wilbury, © indie.vidualist

If you could live inside of a film, which one would you choose?
It would probably be something like Tenacious D. It’s a cool film. They got great songs.

Do you have a favourite film soundtrack?
Yeah, Blade Runner. It’s one of the best.

What was your favourite album that was released this year?
“Rosetta” by Vangelis. It was like his first album in four years. That was pretty cool.

If a song could become a person, which song would you like to meet?
Neil Young’s got a cool song called “Cowgirl In The Sand”. It is random, I don’t know.

What advice would you give young artists who are just starting with music?
I would say the most important thing – above everything – is to sing or play an instrument well and to have good songs, that’s the most important thing. That’s what people wanna hear – a good song. It doesn’t matter how you write them or how you get there.

Fan questions

What was your favourite festival you’ve ever played?
We played some cool festivals like “Rock am Ring” and “Rock im Park” here in Germany. They’re very cool, I liked those and “T in the Park” back home. It’s fun to come to a new place and play for a different audience, especially in that environment, so I remember those shows.

Are you into Tarantino films and if yes, do you have a favourite one?
I’m not very good with movies and directors. I probably can’t even tell you one that he’s made. *laughs*
But I like movies, I like watching them. I just don’t really know actors or anything like that.

Photo by Lisa Lovegood, © indie.vidualist