Blossoms, one of UK’s finest newcomer bands, were in town while supporting Jake Bugg on his current tour. If you missed them this time, don’t worry – they are back on tour in Europe in February! Find all dates here.

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First, welcome to Munich! This is your first time here, right?
Tom: Indeed!
Charlie: Yeah, we’ve been walking around town for a bit yesterday, it’s really nice here.
Joe: I went to Schloss Nymphenburg.
Charlie: We also went to the Hofbräuhaus! That was fun.
Joe: It’s a really beautiful city.
Myles: And we went to a jazz club, really enjoyed that.

You just released your debut album, were there any records in specific that influenced yours?
Tom: All the records we’ve grown up listening to. Stuff from The Beatles, ABBA, Oasis, The Smiths, Stone Roses, Fleetwood Mac, Arctic Monkeys, lots of dico 70s stuff… 80s stuff. Nowadays, Tame Impala… yeah, lots of sparkly things.
Joe: Duran Duran!

Which track are you most proud of?
Tom: I imagine we all have different answers to this one… for me, it’s Honey Sweet. I think we captured a great pop song there.
Charlie: For me it would be Blown Rose, classic piece of songwriting. It’s a beautiful song.
Josh: I’m gonna agree with Tom, Honey Sweet. It came outta nowhere, so that one feels special to me.
Joe: For me it changes so much! But at the moment it’s Deep Grass. I love playing it, and I love listening to it.
Myles: I totally agree with Joe. For me it’s Deep Grass, too.

Photo by Lisa Lovegood, © indie.vidualist

Photo by Lisa Lovegood, © indie.vidualist

You’re all big Ricky Gervais fans! What’s your favourite TV show/movie he did?
Everyone: THE OFFICE. Yeah, for sure.
Charlie: But I think Derek was really good as well. Or Extras.
Tom: Yeah, I like lots of his stuff, but you can’t beat The Office.

Agreed. Have you seen the new David Brent movie?
Everyone: Yeah, of course. It’s great.

Have you got a favourite David Brent track then?
Joe: I do! Slough. It’s an absolute tune.
Everyone: Oh yes. *starts singing Slough*

What 3 songs should be part of every roadtrip soundtrack?
Tom: Everybody’s Talking by Harry Nilsson / Nightcall by Kavinsky / Eagle by ABBA

If a song could become a person, which song would you like to meet?
Tom: I’ve never been asked that before in my whole life.
Joe: Supersonic by Oasis. Agressive, but in a charming way.
Tom: God Only Knows by The Beach Boys
Josh: Who would Happy Birthday be?
Charlie: Riders On The Storm by The Doors. Mysterious.

If your life would be turned into a movie, which actor would play you?
Tom: Great one! We’ve been asked that one before and it’s hilarious. We all answered with actors we’ve been told that kinda look a bit like us. So I said Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Joe was Kit Harington, Charlie was Orlando Bloom, Josh was Steve Buscemi, ha. And we all agreed that Owen Wilson would be nice for Myles, but he answered for himself and said… BRADLEY COOPER.
Myles: Haha, he would be so good a playing me though!
Tom: My cousin is an actor, he’s called Daniel Rigby. So maybe he’d be good for playing me as well, we also look a little bit alike so yeah.

Photo by Lisa Lovegood, © indie.vidualist

Photo by Lisa Lovegood, © indie.vidualist

Cheese or chocolate?
Tom & Charlie: Cheese!
Joe & Josh: Chocolate!
Myles: That’s such a hard one… I mean you can have cheese on more things… so I’m gonna go with cheese.
Tom: YES, cheese wins.

Harry Potter or Star Wars?
Tom: Uhh… well I think the new Star Wars is great, but I’m not too sure about all of the old ones… Harry Potter is continually really really good. So I’m gonna say Potter.
Eveyone: Yeah we’re all gonna go with Harry Potter, but it’s a very close thing.
Joe: Or well, no, you know what? I refuse to pick one. *laughs*

And the last one from us… what are your plans for 2017?
Tom: Non-stop touring. Writing and recording in between. Nothing has been agreed on paper yet, but I think we’d like to do the second album next year. To continue this creative flow.

Fan question

Which shows do you enjoy more – festivals or your own gigs?
Everyone: Our own shows. For sure.
Joe: You’re just way more relaxed.
Tom: Yeah, you’ve got more time to sort things out, you know the people are gonna know your songs and be into it… it’s more organized. But I also like at festivals that you never know how it goes, you can have a smashing time. But overall, definitely our own shows.