Lutz Rode – ‘High’ video premiere

We’ve been waiting for a long time and therefore we’re very happy to announce that Lutz Rode is back and we’re here to celebrate the official video premiere of his new song “High”, a forerunner of wonderful tracks to come.

“I’m not trying to create something incredibly artsy or high-class, nothing particularly deep or ambivalent. I just want to make music that’s easy to listen to.” – that’s what Lutz told us last time we met in Berlin last year. I can’t help but feel like he is selling himself a bit short by saying that, because his tracks certainly don’t lack meaning or emotion. ‘High’ might be a song easy to listen to, but what’s even more important is that it’s a song worth listening to.

The accompanying video is in no way inferior to the music. The oneshot perfectly fits the vibe of the track, getting the message across just perfectly.

“In ‘High’, the protagonist describes the state of intoxication that you experience when someone takes your heart by storm. You perceive everything around you in a hazy way, you feel like you’re in some sort of delirium. And that’s exactly what our video is about as well. The protagonist doesn’t seem to be physically present anymore, because the connection between him and his companion makes him appear in this very state of intoxication.”, David Schlange, director of photography, explains.

We can’t wait to find out what else Lutz Rode has in store for us and hope you enjoy the video.

By the way – if you like the song as much as we do, you can get an exclusive free download here.