Miles Kane

Miles Kane is currently touring around Europe, promoting his new album. The new video for his single ‘Better Than That’ is out now!

So first, how’s the Tour going?

We’ve just done a great tour in the UK, then we went to Mexico, and well its’s the best Tour I’ve ever done!
Now we’re here, we started last night in Luxembourg. I’ve only played it with a Band called The Rascals years ago, so we took some clubs to play again. But it’s great, and it feels exciting playing some sweaty gigs over here.

If you could choose any artist to work with, who would it be?

Probably Jack White. Well I’m a massive fan of him and I love his work, how he pushed himself to do new music. I’d like to go sort of into his world, into his studio and try something out, I think that would be really cool.

If you wouldn’t do music, what would you probably do now?
Oh I don’t know, maybe a tennis player…

Which musicians inspire you most?

I guess sort of people who are real and so dedicated, the longevity, like Paul Weller and David Bowie, people like that, even McCartney. You know, I wanna be doing it when I am sixty. And I think that’s the key, I guess I never had an overnight success, and I had some ups and downs in my career, but I still feel like I am starting out and I just wanna continue and wanna make good albums and tours. I wanna do it forever.

What was your best experience on Stage?

I think the best one is just that feeling, all the energy. And yeah I think I just love that feeling of the energy in the crowd and when there is that thing in the air.
Even if you hit a new town, like tonight, I dont know what to expect, I dont know if people know the tunes or if they just come to check them out.

What do you like most at being on Tour?
I got a great band and a cool crew with me, we’re like a big family, and it just works. Its really exciting to get up on the stage every night and scream and shout. It’s my favourite thing. I like to write tunes that express myself, and I love performing as well. It gives me the best.

Have you got a dream venue you’d like to play at?
Yeah we just played Brixton Academy in London, its always been a big dream for us.
And maybe a football stadium, like the liverpool football stadium, would be good, one day.

How did you meet your band members?
Through back home I got to know Jay, my drummer, he lives near where I used to, and we got mates. And the others were just people who we knew between really and then last year George joined at the guitar.
Its the hardest thing to get a Band together, you think you know musicians but then you realize
‘shit everyone I know already is in a band’ and yeah, but well I just picked people I know and we jammed, and it worked. And we have been together that ever since.

Have you got a favourite place to write your music?

Well I quite like just to go for a walk, into a coffee shop or something. And I’ve been listening to Bill Withers a lot, a old singer. So yeah I really do like that, going for a walk, having a coffee, writing a few lines.. I used to do it a lot, stop it then, but I wanna get back to it. Sounds so cliche I know…

But it’s true..
Yeah, it is!

Have you got any goals to reach in the near future?
I want to get into the Top 5. I got No 8 with my last single, but Top 5 in England would be lovely.

What advice would you give young musicians, who are just starting with music?
Just get out there and do it really. Sing in the mirror, and in your bedroom, believe in yourself. You know, that’s what I did, and it takes ages to feel comfortable and to figure out who you are. You have to be honest and true to yourself, I think that’s it.
And even if you wanna be something, if it doesnt feel right, dont force to be it. Just be, and do whatever feels good, cause that will be the right thing.

Big thank you to Miles for this great chat, really enjoyed it!