Reverend and The Makers

We met Jon McClure aka The Reverend from British band Reverend And The Makers at their show with The Libertines in Munich. We talked about the importance of new music, their new album Mirrors, and how some honest and nice words from someone you admire are worth more than any money in the world.

You just started your tour with The Libertines, how’s it going so far?
Really good man, we only played one show in Germany so far, in Berlin, but it’s been amazing. We had a great response from the fans. The Libertines went on before us and did an acoustic set, and then we went on and played, it was pretty mad! But it was cool, it was really amazing.
It also was the first time I’ve been to Berlin. We’ve been in Munich before, when we supported Arctic Monkeys a few years ago, but I’ve never been to Berlin. I enjoyed it a lot!

Are you planning on playing some of your own shows here in Germany?
We’d love to, yes! If we’re able to set up some shows here, we will definitely come! I like Germany, people are pretty chill here. And the crowds are awesome! Even if they don’t know us, there are always some people in the crowd who are going mental.
We’ve only been a good live band for about 5 years now… when we first started we were rubbish live. But now I really do feel comfortable. I’m also really happy with the new album. Every single review says it’s the best album we’ve made, and I totally agree. It’s a bit of a different sound for us, but people like it!

Have you got a favourite track on the album?
Yeah, “Black Widow”’ is my favourite. It was the track everyone got into first. Zane Lowe played it on Beats 1, and after that it went a bit mad.

If you’d have to name one album that has influenced your life most, which one would it be?
There’s a Riot Goin’ On by Sly And The Family Stone. It’s got the groove.

If you could travel back in time – where would you go and what would you do?

I’d go to Kingston, Jamaica in like 1967… and just hang out, go to gigs. I love Jamaica. I go there quite often but it would have been better then. There would have been Bob Marley and all these great artists…
Or maybe Düsseldorf in the mid 70s would be cool. You know, the electro music comes from Düsseldorf, and in England the electro music comes from Sheffield, where I’m from. Also the industrial vibe and stuff… Sheffield and Düsseldorf seem to be something like twins, you know. So Düsseldorf in the mid 70s would be a good place too, I think I would have enjoyed it.

You’ve already supported bands like Oasis and Arctic Monkeys and so on… is there still anyone you’d love to open for?
We’re like the band who supports everyone. We always get asked by other bands, cuz we’re kind of a band’s band – you know what I mean? A band bands really like. We’ve done pretty much everyone… Oasis, The Verve, Chili Peppers, Ian Brown, Noel Gallagher on his solo tour, The Libertines… but I love it. Cuz it’s always Noel or Carl or someone else who asks me to do it. And not any random record label or the management. I feel dirty doing that, supporting shows when it’s all set up by any company. Because it’s made by a businessman, and not for a musical reason.
And then there are always situations: like for example yesterday in Berlin, when Pete came up to me after the show and told us how great it is to have us on tour with them. Or when Noel calls me and tells me “The new album is such a classic, it’s a great one.” And you know… it’s so much better than being a rich man, it’s better than being a millionaire, cuz I love their songs, and to hear that kinda stuff from them is worth so much.
It’s like this with all jobs, I guess. If you’re a music journalist who really respects music, and someone you wrote about is like “Great article man,” it’s always the best thing in the world. When someone you respect likes what you do.
I think music is like a vocation, it’s not something you choose to do. If you wanna be rich, you’re not getting into music or music journalism cause it’s a shit carreer option – if you wanna be rich you should go and be a fucking investment banker or something, you know what I mean?

Are there any new artists or bands you’d like to recommend?
Yeah lots! I really like that band Allah-Las, do you know them? They are really good. A band from Scotland – The Tripps, they are amazing too. Faerground Accidents from Sheffield, they are pretty weird but I like them. A band called The Sherlocks, they’re doing pretty well at the moment: very nice lads. Liberty Ship from Sheffield – they used to support us, I really like them. Yeah, there are lots of bands… I could write you a big list.
People expect music to come to them. NME, radio stations and all that kinda stuff… but the music is not gonna come to you, you have to look for it.
There is so much good new music out there, if you just look for it.