Tom Grennan

Born in Bedford, based in London. The BBC already fell head over heels in love with the talented singer and songwriter Tom Grennan. And so did we! Tom came to Munich a few weeks ago and we were lucky enough to chat with him before his set. His debut album ‘Lighting Matches’ will be released on July 6 – so watch out!

2017 has been quite a year for you – what was your favourite moment?
This whole year has been amazing. I haven’t got that one moment. There hasn’t been one standout moment, because they were all standout moments. I’m so lucky to be here in Germany. I’m so lucky that I’m in a position where I can say I’ve done an album. I’m so lucky to say that I’ve now built a fan base. I’m so lucky to say that I don’t work in a coffee shop anymore.

And so many shows are sold out!
Yeah! The whole tour has been sold out I think. It’s amazing, I’m very lucky.

Your debut album is finally on its way and going to be out in a few months. What can you tell us about it?
Well, I can tell you that there’ve been some really, really cool producers working on it… Fraser T. Smith – he’s amazing – Jimmy Hogar, Sam Dixon… They’ve all worked with people like Adele, Stormzy, Florence and the Machine and Amy Winehouse. The album is very real, it’s very me. Expect orchestras, expect brass, expect gospel. Expect the unexpected!

Have you got a favourite track on it?
I’ve got a few favourite tracks, but my favourite track on it is probably “Aboard” or a song called “Little By Little Love”. If I play that tune at a big festival one day, that will be the moment where the gospel ladies come out of nowhere in their big white cloaks and they’re all clapping together. It`ll be good.

You’re on tour right now, but I’m sure there will be another one in support of the album soon?
100%. A UK tour and definitely another German tour, because the love I’m getting out here is crazy. I’m about to do bigger shows in the UK, but over here now this tour’s been sold out. I’m hoping in 2018 it’s gonna be bigger. Bigger crowds, bigger venues.

You’ve already toured with lots of great artists. Is there someone you would really like to tour or work with?
I’d like to work with Adele. That would be amazing. She’s so cool. I reckon we’d get on with each other and have a lot of fun.

Harry Potter or Star Wars?
Harry Potter. All day.

Cheese or chocolate?

What’s your favourite jam from your teenage years?
I’m gonna say The Kooks – Naive.

What’s the most underrated or overrated band ever?
I’ll go for overrated. Biffy Clyro. I’m just not into them… at all. Sorry guys!

What’s your wish for 2018?
My wish for 2018 would probably be to still be alive. To keep doing what I’m doing and hopefully a number one album. If a fairy came to me right now and said: “Tom, I grant you one wish. What is your wish?”, I’d say: “A number one album.” You gotta work for that so I’d feel a bit like a cheater, ha, but that’s my wish.