Eliot Sumner

Eliot Sumner. She makes you feel every word she sings.

Eliot Sumner is definitely coming into her own. Departing from her days as ‘I Blame Coco’, her sound has matured into something more developed and intricate, transitioning a bit from her Electro-Pop persona. Pulling inspiration by listening to artists like Nick Cave and Wild Beasts, as well as industrial drone music, you can feel the intensity in her work. Her voice is extremely strong and direct, making you really feel every word she sings. One of my favorite tracks is ‘Information’ from her 2014 release of the same name. Occasionally, her voice reflects moments of her father, Sting, in its strength and rasp. Music is definitely in her blood, and it all seems to flow very naturally from her. ‘Wobbler’ is another powerful track. A bit darker, with a beautiful melody, and you can feel the emotion within her. She’s set to release a full length album sometime later this year, which is sure to be a stellar record, so be on the lookout to hear new material soon.

Meanwhile check out the official video for her latest track ‘Dead Arms & Dead Legs’ and get it on iTunes now.

by indie.vidualist guest writer Sloane Lenz