The Kooks – ‘Listen’ Review

You must Listen.
As you probably all know, The Kooks have recently released a new album called ‘Listen’.
As a music lover, I’ve created two musts for beginning new albums.
1) Keep an open mind.
2) Embrace change.
I know you’ve fallen in love with their past stuff. But the band doesn’t have one type of sound, and you shouldn’t restrict yourself/ or them/ to their Inside In/Inside Out-era melodies. A band has to progress, at least, a great band must progress. So many pieces of musical gold can be produced if you allow them that chance! Listen is a perfect example of this.
This album leaves me with (almost) no words and every emotion. It’s a revelation.

The album begins with Around Town.
Right off the bat, you get some fresh choir/gospel flavor, which fits nicely with a song as inspiring as a sermon. This song is new, I’ve never heard anything close to it from The Kooks or any other band. The lyrics are so loveably vulnerable. To me, they foreshadow the coming lyrics in the rest of the album. They exemplify a certain maturity I haven’t seen in The Kooks before.
They are straight to the point, honest, raw, and very human.

It less ‘hopeless romantic’ and more ‘I just need a good person who I can share this life with’- which, come on, is relatable to anyone who has had their fair share of heartbreak.

On next is Forgive and Forget. TURN IT UP AND UNSKILLFULLY DANCE AROUND YOUR ROOM! ‘Ya give it away sooooo easy babyyyyyy.’ If this song isn’t stuck in your head for days I know nothing about music. Westside: This song has become my life. It’s an instant picker-upper. I love it way too much, and I know you will too. It has every amazing element of the old Kooks blended with their new vibes. Luke’s voice sounds incredible in this. So good. So good. So good.
See Me Now: This is the first song that has ever moved me to tears. Even if you haven’t gone through the hell that is losing a parent, you can feel the emotion drip from this song. There’s no doubt in my mind that Luke’s father couldn’t be prouder of his awe-inspiring son.
It Was London: If there was ever a peak I wished The Kooks would someday reach, it’s this song. From the insanely talented music to the politically relevant lyrics, this tune is on fire. No words. I’m going to try and not spoil the rest of the songs, but quick tip: make sure you get the deluxe version. Worth every penny. Pretty much worth an entire paycheck, in my opinion. Every song on this album stands out.
For example, Are We Electric. This song is a journey through the mind. When it comes down to it, the human brain works through electrical pulses between neurons initiated by stimuli. These electrical surges are what dictate behavior. It’s so simple and complicated at the same time, much like life. So basically, if it makes you happy, do it!
I could go on and on about Listen, from the varying ethnic sounds to the intense lyrics, this album is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Give it a Listen, you won’t regret it!
Thank you Luke Pritchard, Hugh Harris, Pete Denton, Alexis Nunez and Inflo, who produced the new album. You guys have gone above and beyond.

Here’s where you can get Listen:
iTunes Deluxe
Official store

Thanks to Bekka Kennedy for the Review!