Ezra Furman

We met up with the incredible Ezra Furman again, to talk about his life on tour, and what plans he already has for his musical future.

So you’ve been touring all year long, how was it for you? Did you enjoy it?
Yeah I did… well it’s very extreme. It makes you tired, it makes you go crazy. It’s fun and you see a lot of stuff but you really lose energy. It makes you go crazy in the head.
But I love it, it’s a great job, really. It’s never boring.

Is there a favourite gig you played this year?
Yeah, I think I really liked playing in Brighton in May. I’m not sure why though… but we had a lot of people coming on stage with us, it was fun.

Which three songs should be a part of every road trip soundtrack?
Country Mile – Camera Obscura
Anything We Want – Fiona Apple
Lived in Bars – Cat Power

Those are my best three.

You’re going to take a break after this tour, so have you already got some plans for your near future? Are you planning to record another album?
Yeah we’re going to record an album. Pretty short after this tour is over actually. We just started a little bit to be honest, and I love recording, it’s probably my favourite part of being a musician.

What is the one thing that you’d like to tell the world?
Stop saying mean things about each other. It’s not that hard, even if it sounds like this is an impossible thing. We all talk about each other, criticize each other, judge each other, and I think you can live without that. And if you really make the effort to stop it, there is so much new space in your heart for other things to be there. I really recommend doing this.

Big thanks to Ezra for the interview and also to his band for the amazing night. x