Hayden Kays

We had the opportunity to do an exclusive online interview with the British artist Hayden Kays! Read here to find out what he told us about recent collaborations, his inspiration and where to check out his art.

Hayden’s website

When and why did you decide to become an artist?
I don’t think I really decided to be an artist, it’s more that I decided to not do everything else.


Where do you see an artist’s position in society?
I can only really speak for my position in society as an artist, currently I’m sat hunched over my laptop answering your questions.

You were once described as “The screaming voice of an angry Britain” – is that a fitting description of yourself and if so, what is Britain angry about?
I used to be much angrier, I think most young men are pretty fucking angry, that’s why so many of them pick fights, start riots, go to prison, play music, make art. I think I have become more considered with age, I was certainly more knee-jerk a few years ago. I’ve not been a famous artist before, I have no idea what I’m doing, I’m just making it up and changing the rules as I go along. That’s all I think it is.

You are known for your fusion of music, fashion and politics – what or who inspires you?
I’m interested in everything that has happened and everything that hasn’t. I just want to add to the latter.


You’re a painter, sculptor and printmaker – how do you decide which method to use for a certain message and do you have a favorite?
I think material choice is subconscious. As I work things out, the materials needed simply reveal themselves – through environment, situation, chance, luck and money.

2013 has been a massively successful year for you with your book coming out, exhibitions, a collaboration with Johnny Lloyd and so on. How are you trying to top that?
I want my work to be judged and dissected when I’m dead. You can’t isolate a year or even a project. I just want to do more, and more and more and more and more. A little less, and then more and more and more.
I’m in a competition with myself to be better and do more, that is all.


Are there any artists (inside and outside of the art world) you would like to collaborate with?
I like a lot of the fashion world collaborations that have happened recently, I would certainly like to explore these paths.

Where can London tourists check out your art? (Exhibitions planned? Galleries he collaborates with?)
The best place to see my art is online. I’m currently working on a two man show titled ’50/50′ with Benjamin Murphy, which will be at the Cob Gallery.


What would you be if you weren’t an artist?

And here a short Word association game from our special guest-blogger Jenny…
Pop Artist – Me
Twitter – You
Controversy – Me
Harry Styles – You
Mass Culture – Me
Obscenity – You
Political correctness – Me
Power of the word – You
Shut the fuck up – Me
Mediocrity – You
Thief – Me
The Kooks – Them